quarta-feira, 3 de março de 2010


On this month everything is cold.
On this place everything is old.
So, now only we are in the blue sky
and I say:"we can try".
But very far away
a voice like you tell me stories.
Today, is a good day.
I have dreams between memories.
And on final day I see one cloud
and listen the loud
music on the city. On this night
I look for the light
planet where we love beautiful clouds.

Matilde, 11 anos.

8 comentários:

Owl_mania disse...


Virgínia disse...

uau, Matilde! Parabéns!! Que lindo :)

Anónimo disse...

que bonito...muita sensibilidade...

Wicca disse...

do!!! Parabéns às duas :)

joana soares disse...

Que lindo Matilde, parabéns!

Anónimo disse...

You are the best, of course !!! Kiss. Filou

explodingcucumber disse...

I've been thinking and dreaming in English for the past 13 years and I cannot write as beautifully as that.

Celeste disse...

On this cold, cloudy day
all I wish to say
is this little girl of talents many
will surely always surprise any

Beauty and kindness she's got plenty
Love, friendship, big dreams also
Writing she loves so
Just you wait till she is twenty!

A writer, she might grow to be
A teacher, who knows?
A true arts master,it shows.
Nothing will ever surprise me